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Model 8 can process more than 30,000 pounds per hour

MURRAYVILLE, Ga. (March 25, 2010) – The Prince Industries Inc. Model 8 Grinder provides cooler cutting, minimum temperature rise and precision craftsmanship for superior quality.

The Prince meat or bone grinder can process more than 30,000 pounds per hour. It is equipped with a spring-loaded knife holder containing self-seating and sharpening inserts, feed screws designed for fresh and tempered meat, reversible cutting plates and replaceable center bushings.

Another advantage provided by the grinder is the elimination of center pin breakage since knife holders are rotated by the drive lugs that are built into the feed screw. To better accommodate our customers, the motor can be mounted underneath or on the side. The design also makes the hopper easy to clean.

Prince Industries Inc. has been a specialist and innovator in mechanical deboning for more than 40 years. Prince Industries offers complete turn-key mechanical deboning systems that increase production and efficiency. 


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