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MURRAYVILLE, Ga. (Dec. 2, 2020) — Prince Industries has developed the Mark III deboner which provides high volume output and superior yield.

Mark III deboner

The Mark III provides the highest cost efficiency per pound of deboning meat. The stainless steel deboner is engineered with innovative thrust housing and requires little maintenance.

Simple to operate, the Mark III uses a high-yield screen design and maximum yield setting, resulting in minimum temperature rise. It provides a wide range of deboned products such as particle matter from all forms of chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb and fish.

The unique self-pumping feature has the capability to pump deboned meat both short and long distances. This allows the meat to be moved from the deboner to mixer/blenders, hopper, pack off, or combos without the expense of extra pumps and conveyors.

Prince Industries Inc. has been a specialist and innovator in mechanical deboning for more than 40 years. Prince Industries offers complete turn-key mechanical deboning systems that increase production and efficiency.