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MURRAYVILLE, Ga. (Jan. 19, 2023) — Prince Industries will be showcasing its new Model 6 Grinder – Boneless in addition to its popular Mark III Deboner and 2000C Combination Deboner at the International Production and Processing Expo, Jan. 24-26 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center.

Model 6 Grinder – Boneless

“Prince Industries is excited to be part of IPPE again this year,” said the company’s president, Jesse Prince. “It is a chance for us to show once again why we are a leader in this industry. We’ll be highlighting a new grinder that provides substantial benefits to our clients across the globe.”

Model 6 Grinder – Boneless is Prince’s first product designed specifically for meat that has already been manually separated. For those seeking to eliminate waste and increase profit, the grinder processes scraps that might have gone toward lower-margin uses into ground meat that can be sold at the meat counter for higher returns. The unit features a small 3×5 feet footprint, is easy to maintain and clean, and only a quick 5-minute setup. While conceived as a stand-alone unit, those looking to add-on to existing equipment can attach the grinder to Prince’s existing combination deboners, as well.

The Mark III Deboner is a cornerstone of Prince’s current product line. The high-volume unit can manually separate between 20,000 and 40,000 pounds of poultry, turkey, beef, pork, lamb or fish per hour. Its efficiency is unmatched both in terms of output yield and mechanical operation, providing a low cost of operation per pound of meat produced. The unit’s low maintenance requirements are a particular benefit.

The 2000C Combination Deboner is a workhorse capable of processing 4,000 to 10,000 pounds of poultry or fish per hour. Designed to meet low- to medium-volume mechanical deboning needs, the 2000C Combination Deboner offers the highest quality of output and yield and features a unique self-pumping system that can pipe the mechanically deboned meat directly into boxes or bags for easy handling, packing and shipping.

“Prince Industries continues to be an innovator in the separation and processing industries,” said Prince. “We want to provide the best possible mechanical deboned meat equipment for our customers – machines that just work without a lot of maintenance. That efficiency is not just good for producers; it’s good for the consumers, too.”

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Prince Industries Inc. has been a specialist and innovator in mechanical deboning for more than 50 years. Prince Industries offers complete turn-key mechanical deboning systems that increase production and efficiency.