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A true pioneer in the food processing industry, the Prince family has been a respected leader for more than nine decades, providing deboning systems and processing solutions for customers worldwide. Our depth of knowledge in the different industries we serve, our innovative designs and our equipment capabilities are key reasons we are the global leader in mechanical separation manufacturing.

Prince_IndividualContactThe Prince family has been an integral part of growing the poultry industry since its infancy in the 1920s, with involvement in every aspect from hatching to processing. Prince Industries, Inc. is based just outside Gainesville, Georgia, where Jesse Jewell changed the poultry industry by introducing the concept of vertically integrated processing systems. Jewell’s son-in-law, Jack Prince, worked within Jesse Jewell’s company and eventually developed his first mechanical deboning machine. That machine led to the formation of Jack Prince, Inc., a company dedicated to designing and selling Prince’s signature MDM equipment. Jack’s son, Jesse Jewell Prince, expanded that tradition with Prince Industries, Inc. by designing and manufacturing state of the art mechanical separation equipment. Today, Jesse J. Prince and his son, Jesse A. Prince, continue to keep Prince Industries, Inc. at the cutting edge of the industry.

The Princes’ expertise has allowed our company to adapt our process to other industries such as red meat, fish, shellfish and pet food, as well as fruit and vegetable.

Our individualized consulting services help our customers identify the most profitable markets, and how to get the best bottom line results with efficient and cost-effective equipment. We engineer systems that are custom-designed to your particular needs, whether it involves a single piece of equipment or an entire vertically integrated operation. Expert information on pricing, packaging, labeling, and system computerization is also a part of the complete Prince package.

Our history within the poultry industry has given us extensive knowledge of not only mechanically deboned meat but the industry as a whole.

Put our four generations of industry expertise to work for you. Prince Industries, the leader in mechanical separation for the food industry.